SNAP-X-TENDZ™ snap extenders are UV resistant elastic woven polymers and stainless steel snaps that extend and re-fasten your shrunken canvas snaps up to 1.75 inches on boats, RV’s, pop-up campers, golf carts and other recreational vehicles. SNAP-X-TENDZ™ will self adjust in fluctuating weather conditions and ideal for saltwater use. SNAP-X-TENDZ™ are the ONLY US PATENTED product with elasticity to provide tension between snaps as competitor products do not provide tension between snaps to fully secure your canvas.

Our snap extenders work in several applications to save money on repairing or replacing your canvas:

  • Boat Canvas
  • Cockpit Carpet
  • Boat Isinglass
  • RV Canvas
  • Pop-Up Camper Canvas
  • Golf Cart Canvas

SNAP-STRAPZ™  are made of Military Grade elastic and stainless steel snaps.  SNAP-STRAPZ™ can be used in several applications to secure gear, lines, ropes, dock lines and audio cords with superior strength up to 15lb. weight capacity.

All of our products are MADE IN THE USA warranted to be free of any defects in materials and workmanship.


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